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28th January was really marvelous for Dilnia and for the Iraqi Insurance Market, Dilnia with highest levels of skills, efficiency and professionalism achieved impressive result and due to the hard work they won the Levant insurer 2020 which was rewarded by MENA IR, worthy to mention that this award is regional with global recognition which focusing on Middle East and North Africa Insurance Market 

And because Dilnia believes in its ability to lead the local market with regional knowledge the Chairman Mr. Hiwa Rauf, The CEO Mrs. Nian, Board Member Mr. Rawaz and the Operation Director Mr. Mohammad Remawi attended this important event in Dubai 

It is worth mentioning that Dilnia is the first local insurance company to win such award, and Dilnia wishes to lead the market for such recognitions and presence in the neighborhood market.

We take this opportunity to thank all the family of Dilnia who showed the highest level of positive efforts.