-Have you ever been responsible for someone injured or something damaged?

-Have you been sued for this?

-Did the lawsuit impose you a compensation?

-How did you pay for this?


Why  do we recommended  to buy liability Insurance


Liability insurance compensates on behalf of individual and / or companies the civil liability (not criminal) that might occur during the policy.

Dilnia insurance offers various types of liability insurance below the most common types:

  1. Employer’s liability it is a coverageto protect the responsibility of the employer for any physical accidents or deaths of workers during working hours that may cause lawsuits against him and fined him by the judiciary as well as legal expenses as a result.

2. Commercial general liability insurance (CGL):such policy includes bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, etc


3. Professional indemnity insurance: it protects against the loss resulting from failure to perform.It covers the professional negligence of doctors, attorney, accountants…etc


4. Public and Product liability: It is to cover your business against injury caused to third party during your business/product activity.



Liability Insurance Programs: