-  Are you currently an employer / owner for a project?

-  Did you or anyone from your workers on this project caused a material damages to a third party, Or any physical damage

    to others?

-  Did you face any damages to the third party according to a professional errors?

Why it is important to buy Liability Insurance

This kind of insurance protects the insured in the event he is sued for claim that come with the scope of policy coverage. This kind of insurance is important for those who may be legally held liable for the injuries of others.

Dilnia insurance offers various types of liability insurance below the most common types:

1.Employer’s liability and workers compensation: it is a coverage required for employers against the liabilities arising from injuries or death of an employee


2. Commercial general liability insurance (CGL):such policy includes bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, medical payment….etc


3. Professional indemnity insurance: it protects against the loss resulting from failure to perform.It covers the professional negligence of doctors, attorney, accountants…etc



4. Public and Product liability: It is to cover your business against injury caused to third party during your business/product activity.


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