-       Have you recently visited your doctor due to medical case?

-       Any medicine and/or diagnostic tests have been prescribed?

-       Did you have a medical case led to undergoing a surgery and/or admitted to hospital due to it?

-       How was your financial position after paying the medical expenses?

Why do we recommend you to buy a health Insurance policy?

This insurance compensates the fees of Doctor Visit and the prescribed medicine, lab tests and x-ray and the cost of admitted case to the hospital.

Standard programs of Dilnia are categorized per territorial scope whether inside Iraq only or extended coverage to include neighborhood countries or a worldwide coverage which enable you to utilize the extensive well-distributed medical network. It is worth mentioning that Dilnia insurance offers a tailor-made benefits to meet the needs of the medium and large corporations



Medical Networks

Dilnia Insurance Company offers you medical solutions for you and your family and your employees  

Medical Insurance: