-       Do you own or drive a car?

-       Did your car have an accident which led to internal and external damage?

-       Did this accident cause Material damage and / or bodily injury losses to any Third party?

-       Did this accident caused any public property losses (pavement, lamppost ...)?

-       Was the cost of repair high and unexpected? How did you pay for that?


 Why do we recommend to buy a Motor Insurance Policy?

Minimizing your losses at the time of accident is purchasing a motor insurance that will back your pocket up and save your money.

Motor insurance policy will cover you financially in the event of car’s own damages, theft, total loss, liability towards third party, and the personal accidents of driver and passengers as well



Dilnia Insurance puts solutions in your hands through the Motors insurance plans.

Dilnia is always ready to design a tailor-made protection for big vehicle fleet.


Motor Insurance: