1-    Are you an owner of: home, office or commercial building? Or a renter?

2-    Did the property have suffered a financial loss following a fire incident caused by short-circuit or lightning?

3-    Has the fire spread to the neighborhood?

4-     Was the cost of repair high and unexpected? How did you pay for that?

Dilnia insurance designed programs for houses and place of work against fire risk, Dilnia is always ready to design a tailor-made protection based on the request of big corporations and manufacturers with the highest protection from the A-rated global re-insurers.

Why do we recommend to buy a property insurance policy?

As a renter or an owner of property you are always exposed to the risk of fire due to domestic explosion, ignition ….etc that might put your financial position to pay cash which you never budgeted for it.


Property Insurance Programs:


Property Insurance: